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Charles Laurence Productions


Upon graduating from California State University Northridge with a Degree in Chemical Engineering andElectronics with Music as his Minor Academic Studies. Charles became  extremely accomplished on The Trumpet and French Horn throughout the University Years.After a brief career in The Aerospace Industry he realized that music and his extensive knowledge of Electronics led to the creation of Charles Laurence Productions, A one-stop State of The Art Recording, Audio/Video, and production Facility.
Special Services incluse 24 Track Analog & Digital Recording Studio, Mastering, Editing, Mixing, Multi Format Analog Audio Tape transfers to CD and Pro-Tools, 45 , 33, 78 RPM Vinyl Record Transfers to CD,
8mm, 16mm, 3/4 ', Beta, VHS Film Transfers
to DVD, Video Editing, DVD and CD Duplication,
Training Videos. Call for Details